DMAX Chickens Bike Farm

DMAX | Chickens Bike Farm

Show package & opener

Set the stage for the new show on DMAX! „Chicken’s Bike Farm“ is all about cool bikes and the dedication to the rock’n roll way of life! But the harley bosses nickname comes from another big love in his life – his pasta factory and the chicken farm he owns in addition to his motorcycle workshop. This droll and exceptional Biker Docu-Soap sure needs an extraordinary show package and opener, too!


Due to its target group and humorous template, we wanted to stick to a comical style without losing side of Chicken’s calm charme, his busy businesses and deep understanding of booster and rooster.


A wild mix of original show footage, some comical setups and a heavy metal soundtrack were the weapons of choice for this funny show opener. The OnAir graphics should push the harley make-over feeling and for the extra spice we’ve created some comic chickens that sure know how it’s like to rock’n roll!


To avoid a clash of the movie footage and our animated CG scenes, we decided to use a slightly stylized design instead of super realistic CG.


dyrdee Tasks

Concept, Production, Direction, Animation


Creative Director

Ole Keune

Ljubisa Djukic



Sven Henrichs



Augusto Gabrys


2D Animation

Leon Rammert



Augusto Gabrys


Chicken design

Jade Xuan Wu