DMAX | Offroad Hell

DMAX | Alaska Dunkel

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Abenteuer ist dein Bier | DMAX

Who wouldn’t think of crazy adventure, vivid nature and daredevil moments when thinking of the tv channel DMAX. About time they got their own beer flavor! And they come in already promising wording: Offroad Hell & Alaska Black!


DMAX wanted us to make two commercials for the upcoming beertastic DMAX flavors, fully animated and based on the comic style of the beer cans…and from that moment on, the wilderness catched up on us.


For 2x 15’’ commercials for the new DMAX beer flavours we followed a rough and stormy sea (Alaska Black) and a mysterious track (Offroad Hell) to create two beautiful fully animated short commercial clips that transport everything DMAX stands for: passion, emotion, freedom…and now even beer! Cheers!

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