FrieslandCampina | Dutch Lady


The popularity of dairy grows rapidly in the Asian and Pacific region, so does the need for outstanding advertising of milk products. Our good friends at Lowe Hanoi approached us to produce a unique piece of animation for Dutch Lady, one of the top producers on the Asian dairy market.

Making of

The storyline of the commercial highlights the different steps of the production process. Starting with the caring for the cow, the short time from farm to industry and the zero tolerance testing of the milks purity.

Several charming characters are involved along the journey, to support the milk on the way to it's final destination, the Dutch lady Milk package. It was mandatory to support the quality of dairy as a natural product with the look and feel of the world that we had to create.

Every detail had to convey an organic feel and maintain the illusion of a handcrafted stopmotion world. We Photographed and scanned textures, mapped these on our CG environment and setup elaborate vray settings to achieve realistic looking surfaces. While taking the challenge with the stiff production timeline we had a great time creating the small perfect world of Dutchlady dairy.


dyrdee Tasks

Production, Direction, 3D, Compositing


Executive Creative Director Lowe and Partners Hanoi

Kumkum Fernando


Project Management Lowe

Vanessa Hurst



Sven Henrichs


Creative Director

Ljubisa Djukic

Ole Keune


Technical Director

Mesut Can


Head of 3D

Daniel Rath



Lars Krüger

Nik Neumetzler

Moritz Mayerhofer

Daniel Wichterich

Assen Semov

Paul Jannsen

Alexander Bähr

Maike Engelmann



Jochen Weidner

Johann Volkmer

Konrad Müller


Character Design

Pia Djukic