Spongebob – Brand Image


It’s wild and it will definitely melt your brain…but here we are: with a brandimage spot for the most famous sponge in this world – straight outta bikini bottom! Nickelodeon wanted us to salute to the brands of the Spongebob universe with an unforgettable music video for Spongebob, Patrick Starfish and Kamp Koral.


On social media platforms you can find a lot of m(a)dleys for Spongebob, done by fans or professionals that dive deep into the spongebob world to bring together the craziest of soundbits and video pieces of the last decades. It was our mission to elevate this to a much deeper level and hit Bikini Bottom – a tribute to all the crazy spongeheads out there and a love letter from fans to fans!


In close cooperation with the sound studio of our heart - Hofkapellmeister - we put together this weird spot piece by piece. With Nickelodeon's new brand design in the bag, we developed a spot that would suit both the channel and one of its biggest billboard clams. Spongebob and Patrick cloaked in the new Nickelodeon garb - a perfect fit! Every roto, every musical note, every twist handmade in awe of the sponge. A brain-melting process, but worth every lost synapse! A butt first jump down the spongetastic water slide of craziness!


dyrdee Tasks

Concept, Production, Direction, Animation





Creative Director

Ole Keune

Ljubisa Djukic



Sven Henrichs
Ninette Hartmann


2D Animation

Konrad Müller