Spongebob Xmas


For the 2024 Xmas on Nickelodeon we wanted to have a special celebration at our favorite place: Bikini Bottom. To kick off the party Nickelodeon asked us to create a showpackage with all the extra-sticky crusty-kringly underwater fun we could offer! That lit up our jellyfish-powered karaoke machines - Squidward may call it noise, but it was the sound of holiday cheer!


For the show packaging we came up with the usual suspects - title cards, logo stings, L3rds Tune In cards and a huge combination of some sweet sweepstakes - internationally used on air, online and for everything all around! But this time it comes with an extra twist! To keep all our beloved underwater creatures cozy and Mr. Krabs cash flow warm we decided to design for them some stylish accessories for the upcoming winter season! A custom made unique knitting 3D setup for a realistic visualization of a festive wool-sweatered and fashion-forward holiday version of Bikini Bottom!


The iconic pineapple homes, the Krusty Krab Patties and even some residents got a fashionable knit make-over, as the jellyfish gracefully glide through the water, their tentacles now soft and squishy knitted strands. Only Squidward complained - again - about the wool in his clarinet.


dyrdee Tasks

Concept, Production, Direction, Animation





Creative Director

Ole Keune

Ljubisa Djukic



Sven Henrichs
Ninette Hartmann


2D Animation

Konrad Müller