Studio 100 | Hits

Show Package

Studio 100 briefed us to create an on air design for their brand new preschool music channel called Hits.
We picked up the S100 CI and used coins, that recall a jukebox, as objects that create sound. While falling and rolling through a colorful music machine we enjoy this soft and bouncy world.


As the whole Studio100 Hits channel is running with no host or presentation they needed broadcast elements that are able revive the channel and keeps the diversity of the 2016 channel Redesign and even add more playfulness for the preschool audience.


Our approach was to design visuals and a musically world around the buttons, from the 2016 redesign. We want to communicating in a fun and playful way with the kids, but also keeping the concerns of the parents in mind by showing different types of casual, organic instruments you would find in any toddlers world.


The buttons, as reminiscence to a coin in a jukebox, are falling and jumping through a colorful music machine. They create sounds and unexpected moments by rolling over a piano or bouncing from a tambourin. The whole design is highly adaptable to any kind of property or seasonal theme and is creates great awareness.

The animation is set in motion by the movement of coins. They are falling, jumping and rolling through a playful machine while every interaction creates sounds.

Making of


dyrdee Tasks

Concept, 3D, Production


Creative Director

Ole Keune

Ljubisa Djukic



Sven Henrichs


3D, Compositing

Antonin Moucha

Marc Pantenburg