Syfy | Alien 2019

Anniversary Promo Package

40 years of Alien and 70 years of Sigourney Weaver. Syfy honors the anniversaries of the most iconic Scifi horror franchise in history with a quadrilogy movie marathon.


In order to promote the movie stunt, the task was to create a package that wraps several footage promos and could also be adapted as a short teaser.


Our goal was to create the same creepy feeling you get when watching the movies - but without showing anything too specific. The horror arises in dark shadows and between cuts inside the viewers mind.

Making of

To avoid a clash of the movie footage and our animated CG scenes, we decided to use a slightly stylized design instead of super realistic CG.


dyrdee tasks

production, direction, 3D,
compositing, illustration

Creative Director

Ljubisa Djukic
Ole Keune


Sven Henrichs

Technical Director

Mesut Can


Marc Pantenburg

Antonin Moucha


Konrad Müller

Jochen Weidner

Johann Volkmer