SyFy | Sharknado

The hurricane is back!

As a special, SyFy is showing all five Sharknado movies in two days.

Making of

Syfy germany briefed a very special Idea to promote their Sharknado movie marathon. A super long shark with the key Objects from the movies tattooed on his skin is catapulted out of a tornado and flying through the night sky.

Based on a model with the proportions of a realistic shark, we extended segments between significant body parts. The animation was very subtile, a very basic rig fulfilled all requirements.


Producer NBC Universal

Fabian Schneider


Marketing & Creative Director NBC Universal

Elmar Krick


Creative Director dyrdee Media

Ljubisa Djukic

Ole Keune


Producer dyrdee Media

Sven Henrichs


Technical Director

Mesut Can



Andreas Riesener



Jochen Weidner