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SyFy | The big lead pouring

Imagine greater!

SyFy stands for infinite phantasy and sensational adventures, from mystery to horror, in films and series. Under the motto „imagine greater“ we created a trailer for lead-pouring, a popular new years tradition in germany. Viewers are invited to interpret their pourings preferably imaginative and funny and send them in.

Making of

Turntables of the final lead models

Comositing of the water background

Early styleframes


Producer NBC Universal

Daniel Saini


Marketing & Creative Director NBC Universal

Elmar Krick


Creative Director dyrdee Media

Ole Keune

Ljubisa Djukic


Producer dyrdee Media

Sven Henrichs


Technical Director

Mesut Can



Andreas Riesener

Stefan Lahr

Konrad Müller

Marc Pantenburg

Leon Rammert

Antonin Moucha

Roman Hinkel



Jochen Weidner

Sebastian Wirbelauer