Thomas Sabo – Event Visuals

Fun Fact: it’s raining diamonds on Jupiter! Why do we know that? Because we went to space a few times. One of our latest 360 degree dome experiences for the Carl-Zeiss-Planetarium got us a very special treat for Berlin Fashion Week!


To show off the latest Thomas Sabo collection we’ve created a dreamy 360-degree performance in the most epic scenery we can imagine - a jewelry space odyssey in full dome format!


For every piece of jewelry we’ve created a realistic 3D model and let them dance in a stylized space environment. To pay tribute to the organic feel of the jewelry pieces and show off the handmade effect we ended up using VDB modeling instead of traditional modeling and made procedural shaders to keep the realistic look.



dyrdee Tasks

Concept, Production, Direction, Animation



Thomas Sabo



Sven Henrichs

Ninett Hartmann

Creative Director

Ole Keune

Ljubisa Djukic



Antonin Moucha

Sohrab Roshanaee