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Zalando | Wardrobe

VFX driven commercial for the powerful wardrobe app to sell your clothing to Zalando and your followers.


The Zalando wardrobe app is a powerful tool to sell your clothes
fast and easy. The TV add needs to draw the attention of the target group while seamlessly integrating into the overall look and feel of Zalando.


In order to reach the goal of triggering a large group of women to
download the Zalando Wardrobe app we have created a snappy
spot that communicates the message in a simple yet entertaining

We want to be clear in our communication but we also want to
be inspiring and original in the way we do it. Within a timeframe of 20
seconds we have to catch the attention of the viewer and relay
our message. Considering this we strongly believe
that less is more. We do not try to communicate too many
aspects of the app but rather focus on one message and make a
strong point.

Making Of

The shooting took place in a green screen studio. The appearance of CG clothing had to be a realistic, therefore we decided to 3D scan the clothing and used photogrammetry to generate geometry and texturing. We captured 20 staples with almost 2000 images to generate the point cloud and its final resulting 360° objects.