We add value and new perspective through concept-driven ideas, design and animation

dyrdee Media is a award-winning design and animation studio embedded in the heart of Berlin.

We specialize in connecting and engaging brands with their audiences, helping them stay ahead of the competition. Working closely with our client, we cultivate insights, identify challenges and define fundamental principles with regard to message, design, its vision and promise.

We Think

The driving force behind our focused messages are the strategy and business goals defined with our clients at the beginning of every project. Our obligation to clarity, sustainability and out of the box thinking leads to outstanding results for our clients.

  • Research
  • Positioning
  • Identification
  • Customer journey

We Design

We design visuals that communicate with a confident voice, creating awareness in the daily information flood. Our team consists of a multidisciplinary artists – with unique animation skills from stop motion, 2D/3D animation, character design to live action and vfx – we stand out in the buzz and ensure limitless execution across mediums.

  • Visual Identity
  • Motion Branding
  • Experience Design
  • ProducerKits

We Produce

We produce focused and with passion. With more than a decade of experience we are able to offer our clients a sophisticated production service and a great production value. We are accustomed to produce in a very cost effective manner. We are proud to work for some of the largest brands and companies around the globe.

  • Concept
  • Copywrite
  • Live Action Direction
  • Animation and VFX
  • Post-production
  • VR/AR Experience

Clients who trust our production service and expertise

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dyrdee Media
Rykestrasse 2
10405 Berlin
T +49 30 47 37 23 10
F +49 30 47 37 23 50
E mail@dyrdee.com


Sven Henrichs
Managing Director
+49 (0)177 859 42 54
Ljubisa Djukic
Creative Director
+49 (0)30 47 37 23 – 12
Ole Keune
Creative Director
+49 (0)30 47 37 23 – 13
Ninett Hartmann
Senior Producer
+49 (0)30 47 37 23 – 10
Konrad Müller
Senior Art Director
Antonin Moucha
3D Supervisor
Jade Wu
Art Director
Seth Van Heijster
Motion Designer
Sohrab Roshanaee
Senior 3D Artist
Emeline Thévenin
Junior Motion Designer