nickelodeon | Easter

Package for Easter Special

Easter 2017 Nickelodeon asked us to get away from your average, ordinary easter nest. Instead we created a bunch of "Super-Nests" each with its own, unique and egg-celent powers.

Making of

The plan was to create Nests that truly stand out with eggs that were stylized and had various iconic features from all of the most beloved nickelodeon properties. In the end we came down with 5 nests, an animal nest, crazy nest, magic nest, super hero nest and the nest of friendship. Each nest was stylized to fit a different day theme nickelodeon had planned out for their easter program.

The Result was quite a big promo package with all sorts of elements containing happily flying and running nests all over the place.


dyrdee Tasks

Production, Direction, 3D, Compositing


Creative Director

Ljubisa Djukic

Ole Keune



Sven Henrichs



Marc Pantenburg

Konrad Müller

Antonin Moucha

Stephan Hollenbach



Jochen Weidner

Konrad Müller