argonauten G2 | MEWA

Image Spot

MEWA is one of Europes leading companies for industrial textilemanagement and actually awarded as a brand of the century in 2010. With the Frankfurt based agency G2 we produced an epic imagemovie. It shows the history of Mewa, which is a family owned company since three generations, followed by informations about their main business models and last but not least their strong commitment to social and environmental aspects.

Making of

The concept we created intended to communicate on two levels. A clear and direct communication when it comes to actual productshots and informations as well as an even more interesting and surprising metaphorical level where knights, dragons and chameleons are occuring as symboles for protection or danger.

The movie is a great mixture of 3D animation combined with complex live action and studio shots and started with a time consuming test periode for liquide and ink animations to create a proper look for the whole movie.
The result is an amazing and entertaining imagemovie with unexpected twists and brilliant images.


dyrdee Tasks

Concept, Production, Shoot, Direction, 3D, Compositing


Executive Creative Director G2

Carsten Lukas


Creative Director

Anita Stoll


Ole Keune

Ljubisa Djukic



Sven Henrichs

Jenny Bock


Technical Director

Mesut Can



Björn Knechtel

Oliver Koeppel


Head of 3D

Radoslaw Jamrog


Stephan Sacher

Lars Krüger

Alexander Pohl

Nico Kahmann

Head of 2D

Ian Hutchinson



Jochen Weidner

Konrad Müller

Marcel Krummbiegel

Raffael Calleja

Chistian Schwarz



Christine Leonard, Anne Strohschein


Account Supervisor

Marc Slapnicar


Production Assistant

Jenny Bock