Die beste Klasse Deutschlands | Quiz Show Package

School vs. school, who ist the best class in germany? The most popular gaming show for kids in german TV refreshes with a brand new On Air and Studio Design.


Bavaria Entertainment asked us for a re-design that had it all - Assets for the brand new studio with LED screens on doors, panels, walls and a huge gaming floor, to a popping on air show package and interactive games as well as overall quiz mechanics in the live studio.


The studio navigational elements, games and on air design have been juiced up with neon tubes and flashlights around one defining show element: it’s all about the hexagon! With that in mind, we developed animations for satellites, the main door and show floor. We came up with a multiple choice L3rd system as well as systematically designed interactive display games. White gradients and valuable highlights defined the overall prime time look, that gave the show a new and refreshing style, that can’t be overlooked! It’s modern, it’s catchy, it’s young. Up to a fresh new start, that won’t age too quickly. Let the games begin!

Making of


dyrdee Tasks

Concept, Production, Direction, Animation

Creative Director

Ole Keune

Ljubisa Djukic


Sven Henrichs




2D Animation

Jade Xuan Wu

Konrad Müller

3D Animation

Antonin Moucha

Konrad Müller

Augusto Gabrys

Leon Rammert