FAB | 360° Dome Trailer

Planetarium Projection for the 360° Movie Competition

The festival of animation in Berlin extended their program by adding a 360° movie competition. Dyrdee created a trailer that was used as call for action and intro movie for the actual event.


The request, was to create a trailer that emphasizes the idea of competition in a short but abstract story. It was mandatory to generate a variety of versions for several promotion platforms, motivating contestants to submit their work.


We created a 360° spot, showing eyes that are passing through different inner worlds of the festival mascot bear. Only one eye survives at the end and makes it to the outside world, explaining the idea of competition. The spot was produced to fit the technical spechs of a dome projection, social media platform versions were adapted from that base version. The trailer was screened during the festival as full dome projection in one of the biggest planetariums in europe.

Making of

The development of the world went through several design and technical stages.

We created a furry interpretation of the festival logo and made a full cg walking character adaption of it.

The Projection for the Planetarium dome has to be rendered as circular shaped movie for the spherical dome.

Festival Website: www.fa-berlin.com

Sound by: www.hofkapellmeister.com


dyrdee tasks

Trailer creation, providing versions for a wide range of media platforms



Festival of Animation Berlin


Creative Director

Ole Keune

Ljubisa Djukic



Sven Henrichs



Marc Pantenburg

Antonin Moucha



Jochen Weidner

Antonin Moucha


Technical Director

Mesut Can