FAB 2023

Punkz not dead! We are celebrating each member of the animation community as a unique star, that shakes up boredom and dreadness in our society. Combined with a good portion of Berlin Punk references, bringing the audience into the perfect mood for the FAB festival screenings.


As special guests of the Festival of Animation Berlin 2023, we had the great honor to create the CI and the main trailer for the festival. Each screening throughout the wide range of categories starts with the trailer to set the tone for a unique creative event in the heart of Berlin.


The almost Wes Anderson-like, Layouts of each scenery add an artistic quality to the colorful settings. After starting very slowly everything gets turned upside down when our animation stars enter the stage. Each star has references to Punk fashion aesthetics combined with some insider animator wisdom.


Each Star was simulated to add a realistic feeling when interacting with the surrounding. The simulations match the different materials we use for the star models, which also influences their motion and adds to the realistic style.


dyrdee Tasks

Concept, Production, Direction, Animation


Creative Director

Ole Keune

Ljubisa Djukic



Sven Henrichs

Ninett Hartmann



Festival of Animation Berlin



Antonin Moucha

Sohrab Roshanaee



Jade Wu

Emeline Thévenin