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Bartenbach | GazGrillaz


Frankfurt based agency Bartenbach developed a campaign for their client campingaz. Costumers could swap their old barbecue grill and get a discount for a new campingaz grill. We created a TVC and online Clips for the marketing campaign.


The campaign was build on the idea of a family, with unique characteristics. Every member of the family had to be featured in a short story, showing a different aspect of the gazgriller costumer. We developed the stories with the client and organized a casting to find the perfect gaz grillaz family.


To emphasize the idea of a unique gazgrillaz family, we exaggerated the look and feel of the the animations and added stylized special effects. Every bodypart of the actors was photographed and build into a 3D rig. That rig was used by the agency to create ongoing social media clips inhouse. The photos were used for POS graphics in stores all around germany.

Making of

The mighty bazooka and the ultimate steampunk boots in the making

Even in our storyboards you could allready feel the action packed fun

Greenscreen fun! We had a blast in the studio shoot! Thanks to our amazing actors, crew and everybody who helped out!

3D rig for our main character & fully vegan CGI steak


dyrdee Tasks
Production, Direction, 3D, Compositing


Sven Henrichs


Creative Director
Ljubisa Djukic
Ole Keune


Agency (Bartenbach) Creative Director
Carsten Lucas


Marc Panthenburg
Antonin Moucha
Andreas Riesner


Leon Rammert
Jochen Weidner
Konrad Müller
Antonin Moucha


Stefan Sacher


Technical Director
Mesut Can


Line Production
True Motion Pictures


Executive Producer
Alexander Papastawrou


Creative Producer
Sebastian Shelly


Production Manager
Pamela Salwinksi


Sven Arning


Mealnie Leutfeld


Make Up Artist
Rahime Orhan