Kaisergames | Spielaffe


For this project we had the pleasure to work with Kaisergames, the leading flash game publisher of Germany and creator of the most visited online games portal in the whole country: spielaffe.de.

Making of

As this portal is not only about children's games, but for the whole family, we organized a shooting with a fantastic crew who helped us to give shape to the following idea: a couple of siblings play peacefully on their laptop at the portal spielaffe.de… Suddenly their admired monkey characters Kiba and Kumba come to life jumping out of the laptop! The best of the story though comes when their parents get back home…

The seamless integration of our monkey characters into the live action shots was one of the key tasks of this project. This included convincing lighting and shading of the monkeys, but also the real actors had to interact with the apes in a believable fashion.

Working on set with kids AND monkeys? Thanks to our incredible cast & crew we had blast!

Before shooting and animating, a detailed storyboard was created! Monkey buisness needs planing too!

3D models and rigs of the monkeys


dyrdee Tasks

Concept, Production, Direction, Shoot, 3D, Compositing



Henning Malz, Enrico Strecker



Sven Henrichs


Creative Director

Ljubisa Djukic

Ole Keune


Technical Director

Mesut Can



Michael Herm

Lars Krüger

Daniel Rath



Johann Volkmer



Oliver Koeppel



Malte Nies